/Some One Plus users receive fraudulent activity warnings after purchasing a phone with their credit card

Some One Plus users receive fraudulent activity warnings after purchasing a phone with their credit card

***DISCLAIMER*** This post is not intended to start a Witch Hunt or to harm anyone. It’s solely for informational purposes. We do not have the intention to harm the users or the manufacturer stated below.

After gaining recognition and success from the Western markets and praise by enthusiasts all around the world for several years, peaking with the success of the OnePlus 3T in 2016, 2017 hasn’t been easy on OnePlus.

After recovering from the “inverted display” of the OnePlus 5, OnePlus seems to be the focus of media in the last couple of weeks. First, there were the pulled OTA updates from several devices, and most recently, there was this suspicious clipboard activity that sent data to AliBaba servers (which is now clarified and being fixed as we speak).

However, there seem to be no chill on the horizon for OnePlus. One recent post on the OnePlus forums, titled “Credit Card Fraud” made by the user “superdutynick”  talks about how he has purchased two phones with two different credit cards. To keep it short, he has received alerts from his bank about fraudulent activities on both his credit cards after purchasing a OnePlus phone.

This would’ve been a single case issue if there weren’t other users who reported the same issue and state that they received similar warnings after purchasing with a credit card. Even though such a post is not to be taken lightly, we can not jump into any conclusions yet, since there were no real evidences attached to any of the posts where the users claim fraudulent activities. Either way, it’s not to be said that any party is right or wrong and this point so we’d have to follow the discussion in order to see what really happened. We will keep you updated and hope that this issue can be resolved quickly.

In the meantime, OnePlus is working on reviewing these reports and investigate if there was any breach of the website or a possible misuse of the credit cards used for the purchase.

In case you have experienced something similar, or have purchased a OnePlus phone with your credit card and have had any similar experience, you can report this in the OnePlus forums here.  https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/credit-card-fraud.747206/

We at Idiots With Phones hope that this issue will soon be resolved with no real damage to either party.