/What to do with your old phone? Samsung has an answer!

What to do with your old phone? Samsung has an answer!


Here’s what you do! 

If you are one of those people who love to create new things with old stuff you have available at home, then Samsung has something in store for you. The answer to the ever standing question of what to do with your old phone – upcycling instead of recycling.

Developer Conferences like WWDC or Google I/O are always showing groundbreaking things in terms of software development or AI, Samsung’s Developer Conference seems to offer pretty cool stuff as well. This year, however, Samsung and IFIXIT introduced a project called Galaxy Upcycling, a solution attempt to use older phones as IoT applications.

In short, Galaxy Upcycling is a project that aims to provide a solution to use your old phones for things you otherwise would’ve paid a fortune for. Instead of recycling phone parts, a still resource draining task, or buy expensive monitors or ancient arcade machines, you can just use your phone and turn it into something cool and new. And the best part is that it’s all on Github, so you can use their solution, or make one of their own.


One of the craziest things Samsung presented during SDC was a Bitcoin Mining Rig made out of 40 Galaxy S5 phones. The craziest thing is that these are phones made in 2014, and compared to today’s phones their computing power seems to be underwhelming. But, combining 40 of them turns it into a mining rig similar to other costly solution.

You’d first have to be the one collecting 40 of them though (source: AndroidAuthority)


This, however, is not something everyone of us needs or wants to have in his some, but it’s very likely a cool solutions for those who, for whatever reasons, have 40 Galaxy S5’s sitting at home collecting dust. You go mine that BTC collectors!


Moving on to other things we can certainly find better use for, one of the things that stood out and is also presented in the video above is the use of an old Galaxy S3 (remember the phone designed for Humans) as a monitor for a fish tank. This way, through the software running, you could remotely control the light in your tank, feed fishes, check the pH level and water quality and also snap pictures from your fishies while on the go.

This way, you’ll never lose Nemo for sure! (Source: motherboard@vice)


Other cool things Samsung Upcycling shows you can do with your old phones are things like Arcade Machines or Gaming Consoles, IoT hubs, an Owl shaped door bell, even desktop computers, laptop, and much more cool stuff, some of which you can see in their booth highlights at SDC 2017.

Hoo should I let in? The Galaxy S3 with facial recognition protecting your house (Source: AndroidAuthority)

To sum up, not only did Samsung and IFIXIT start working towards a solution of having unused phones working as home appliances and IoT components, they have also started an Open Source Project that allows everyone with the same ideas to participate. Whilst currently only talking about old Galaxy phones being reused, which is understandable given what company we’re talking about here, I’m pretty sure that the Open Source nature of this project will give us similar solutions for any old phone out there. I, myself am looking forward to have my old LG G2 mini being a part of something great again, since its use as a smartphone has somewhat died out.


The Github project still offers you to sign up for more things to come, and me and everyone else at idiotswithphones.com is excited for what this project will offer us in the future. Of course, Idiots with Phones will be covering this topic with more detailed as soon as the project truly begins.