/T-Mobile Tuesdays: What’s in this weeks loot?

T-Mobile Tuesdays: What’s in this weeks loot?

If you’re not a T-Mobile customer, and or you live under a rock, You might not know that every Tuesday, T-Mobile gives its subscribers free stuff – no strings attached.

Some weeks are great. 2 Tuesdays prior we saw a free copy of Sonic CD, other weeks there’s Papa Johns Pizza, Movie rentals, savings on gas… It all depends on the week.

The companies who sponsor these giveaways mainly want to entice people to use their services more, especially with this weeks featuring from MasterChef, a company I hadn’t previously known existed.

Note that these promotions are different from the UnCarrier ones such as the Netflix promo depending on your line setup. Every postpaid subscriber qualifies.

So what’s for this week? Let’s dig in and find out!


From my previous experience, these are very enticing vacations you can potentially win and the best part is its only for T-Mobile subscribers, which I’d to some degree increases your odds – since instead of competing with all of the USA or the world at large, its just a small handful of people. A few million, still, but much greater odds than a nationwide one per-se.

The only downside here is that you get 1 chance to win 1 of 3. Not 3 chances (Not in-app, that is) so you’re not working with the best of odds exactly, but don’t let that discourage you from trying.




These are generally less exciting than say… Winning a luxury vacation, but these are all guaranteed! Provided you pay attention to the expiration date and terms. Don’t want to miss out on these, because if you do there’s no second chances. They all have a 2 or 3 day window for redemption typically.


The question is now, are you a current T-Mobile customer? Do you enjoy these giveaways? Are you on a different carrier, but this sort of generosity would convince you to switch?

Let me know in the comments below! Comments are moderated as we are a small community yet! Keep it civil. Thanks!




***Please note this article is in no way whole or part sponsored by T-Mobile. I know, since this is a globally available article/website, I’d rather post this now vs having to deal with the FTC later. Depending on your country of origin, this may not even pertain to you – in which case, Thanks for reading and have a great day!***