/Fanboyism, and why we should shun at such behavior

Fanboyism, and why we should shun at such behavior

Ah fanboys. The type of people you meet online who swear by their company as if it was a religion and will do everything in their power to attack your opinion for being wrong or invalid even if you have absolutely no intention of starting a fight (of which those people tend to start with fellow fanboys from the other side). Fanboys are found everywhere throughout the internet community, whether that’s the gaming community (remember the console wars between the PlayStation and Xbox?), the tech community (Apple vs. Samsung anyone?), the car community (the GT-R vs literally anything else) and others. While it might seem fun to be a fanboy, especially if you’re in your younger years, coming from a former fanboy, I honestly think such behavior needs to be shunned, because I personally feel that it gets nothing done and actually hurts the very company you’re fanboying for.

Fanboys have a behavior pattern that’s all too familiar. They either come out when you make an opinion that either comes out as negative but in a constructive manner, or even positive-but-somewhat nitpicky. They also tend to go to places discussing about another product and attempt to start a fight by trying to engage their fanboy behavior.

You know, this sort of behavior is nothing short of just being an ass. If you can’t respect the opinions of others, and feel the need to draw out insults or champion your preferred manufacturer in a thread where no one honestly cares, then I’m sorry, but you need to sit down, shut down from the internet a while and think how bad you look to people who at least have the decency to be open-minded and more respectful of differing opinions.

I want to send this little shout-out to all people who have such behavior and moderators who moderate such places.

To the people exhibiting fanboy-ish behavior;

Please stop. You’re not making yourself look any good and you’re actually hurting the very company you’re rooting for as when people see such behavior from that respective community for the first time, they may automatically assume that everyone else is as cancerous and may not consider being part of that community (even though fanboys exist in pretty much every other community). You can absolutely have a preference and disdain for a company and/or trend, but there’s absolutely no reason to why you should attack others for having a different opinion. If they’re trying to do the same, then please, just ignore them and stop giving attention to them.

To all moderators;

Please do not let this sort of behavior roam around freely. Fanboyism can be considered a form of trolling and/or disruptive posting in some cases, which can be counted as an offense under many rules and as such, such behavior needs to be controlled in the appropriate manner. Honestly, our community will be far better off when people with differing opinion can have a friendly, well-structured and educated debate rather than some fanboy war that goes absolutely nowhere.

So, please. Fanboyism isn’t going to help and actually makes things worse. I understand that there is simply no way to eliminate fanboys because it’s just human nature. But please don’t succumb to it.