/The OnePlus 2 update situation is ridiculous, and OnePlus deserves every torch and pitchfork thrown at them.

The OnePlus 2 update situation is ridiculous, and OnePlus deserves every torch and pitchfork thrown at them.

Oh, so close! (Obligatory crappy photoshop)

Never Settle………..for broken promises.


The OnePlus 2 is probably the device which hasn’t gotten a favorable reputation in the tech community. After its predecessor dashed onto the scene in a brash and disruptive manner that changed the way people looked at affordable smartphones, expectations were high for its successor, but the end result was an otherwise solid smartphone hampered with overhyped marketing, poor decisions and lackluster support.

While much of the cold feeling left by the OnePlus 2 has mostly been left behind by the OnePlus 3 and 3T, both of which were received much more favorably and have achieved a heap of success by OnePlus standards, the OnePlus 2 is still a device used by many, and its support……or lack thereof has been a talking point by these people, so much so to the point where a campaign on Thunderclap was made by a former OnePlus moderator to bring attention to the company’s series of broken promises, of which the dropped support of the OnePlus 2 was only the most recent of which.


In June 2016, on a Q&A session with a OnePlus rep named Helen, it was stated that the company will indeed bring the Nougat update to the OnePlus 2. After all, most Android phone usually receive 2 major OS upgrades in their lifetime, and the OP2 had recently received its Marshmallow update.

Despite clarification from another rep later than the update is on its way, this was followed by months of nothing but radio silence.

Then, just very recently, XDA-Developers member Shipmate received the following email;

Hi Steven,

A pleasant day to you!

Thank you for reaching OnePlus Customer support.
This is Alex from OnePlus. we greatly , appreciate.
Your time and effort in reaching out to us. Your concern is of utmost importance and I will be helping you out with your ticket. As much as we would like to give the latest update on the OnePlus 2, we’ve discontinued updates for dated devices.
But we will continue to support the limited warranty for current users and provide updates and support the best way we can even for OnePlus 2 users.

Let me know if this helps.

Best Regards

Assuming this email is indeed indicative of what upper-management at OnePlus has decided, this would mean that the OnePlus 2 is treated as a dated device by the company, after a mere 1 year 10 months since launch.


This is significant because while OnePlus may not have explicitly promised that they will bring Nougat to the OP2, this revelation after what seemed like hope when a rep mentioned that Nougat will come to device is a severe slap-in-the-face for those who still have the company’s 2015 handset. This is not the only promise OnePlus has not kept up, as the third-letter that was supposed to have been written by Carl has yet to be released and the company has failed to keep up with its 24-month update policy promise in the past; the original OnePlus One only had 12 months worth of updates and the OnePlus X has barely been updated, if at all.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is an extremely lame and piss-poor excuse for the poor support OnePlus has shown. Yes, the OnePlus phones are easy to unlock and root, making them one of the most popular device choices for custom firmware, and unlike many OEMs, have a more forgiving warranty policy, while the company has been generally good at releasing source codes, albeit sometimes pretty late. But that absolutely should not be used as an excuse for poor device support. Put simply, even though the OnePlus 2 was $389 for the 64GB/4GB combo, it is still considered the flagship device for the company in 2015. As such, the company could and should have committed to it, even if it wasn’t the slam dunk the company had hoped.

None of these phones were slam dunks, but they still got their updates.

The HTC One M9 was widely considered to be a sales failure, but that phone got Nougat. The Sony phones didn’t sell so hot either, but they also had Nougat. The Samsung Galaxy S5 sold poorly in comparison to its predecessors, but that didn’t stop it from getting Marshmallow after Lollipop. The Nexus 6 didn’t sell as much, but Google kept on their update policy. See where I’m getting at?

Oh yeah, get this. While the 2016 flagship killer likely will never see an official Nougat update, a 2016 midranger from Samsung did. Wanna know how you f*cked up? This is how.


Surely, this move would have prompted quite a bit of backlash from fans of OnePlus, so maybe we hope to get a better statement (if it’ll even happen). But this reminds us that even if OnePlus is able to create nice hardware like the OP3 and 3T, the company still has yet to grasp the very basics of business; keep your existing customers happy. There’s only so much you can do to attract new customers, but once you get a customer, you are obliged to serve them in the best way you can so that they are satisfied. OnePlus, contrary to what many of us said with the OP3 launch, still has yet to even grow up.

There is an old saying that a happy customer will tell 5 of his buddies about his experience while an unhappy one will tell 10 or more of his buddies about his unsatisfactory one.

OnePlus can forget about existing if it keeps treating its existing customers like dirt. Once you said that you will do something, it needs to happen. If you don’t have anything good to say or plans to do, then don’t even say anything at all.

With Pete Lau’s tweet that the OnePlus 3 and 3T will get Android O, before you jump for joy, maybe it’s best you settle down before you celebrate, given the company’s history of being unable to meet its promises. As the old saying goes, action speaks louder than words.

Note that the writer does not hate OnePlus, but he feels that OnePlus is headed for the gutter if this keeps up.